The Scorecard II

Fielder’s Choice
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In baseball, a fielder’s choice (abbreviated FC) is most often the act of a fielder, upon fielding a batted ball, choosing to try to put out one runner while in so doing allowing the batter-runner to advance to first base.

A batter who reaches base safely as the result of a fielder’s choice is not credited with a hit; he is effectively charged with an out (and an at bat) just as if he had been put out himself.

Now how in the high hell does this have anything to do with poetry? Well, lemme tell you.

Your boy sent another submission out in April. (Swing, batter, batter, swing!)
He was called in for an interview. (Run, Forest! Run!)
He did not make the cut. (Collective groan.)
But he is still on base. (Huh?)

It seems that I made enough of an impression during the interview to be given “alternate” status which means I’m going to take full advantage of the opportunity at hand (I get to sit in on the initial workshops), take a ton of notes (this workshop will be full of experienced interdisciplinary artists) and hopefully gain a poem or two from it all.

Returning to the baseball metaphor, I have every intention of being the dangerous runner on base and try my best to score (even though in real life, I have zero skills on the diamond).

For those keeping score at home, here is the submission that has gotten me this far:
– Viewing the world from the back of a turtle
– The Hue of Ripened Fruit
– About B-Boys in the Boogie Down
– an atlas of nationalism
РCanto del Ni̱o Pobre
– Mercy on the Battlefield

Because of the nature of the project I decided to go with a bit more geographic and cultural movement in the pieces. Oh, and ye olde reliable (Mercy) makes an appearance but not in written form. I used the track from 5 Past 13 to show that I have some collaborative & performance experience.

More info to come (if I round the bases) or maybe not (if I get tagged out trying to advance).

Love ya like Crackers Jacks & Hot Dawgs

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