Red wine that punctures the skin

Achiote PressMil gracias to Craig, Jen & Len of Achiote Press for giving me the chance to read alongside my wife, finally meet and hear the dope work of Bec, having Ver share with me the tale of the Tongans and to contribute to the next Achiote Seeds. Let’s just say that there is no shortage of inspiration right now and I couldn’t be happier with life and my poetry.

– Dawn En Nueva Yo
– Menagerie
– After Working The Late Shift Again, A Young Boricua On Times Square
Composes a Response To a White Co-Worker Concerning The Myth of Racism
– My Father, A Cabdriver, Chimes In With A Few Words of His Own on The
Myth of Racism as He Drives by Times Square
– Being Don Quixote by Rich Villar
– an atlas of nationalism
– Sonnet for the Lexington Avenue Express—Mt Eden Ave Stop
– Dedication

Extra Notes
Dawn is composed of lines from Poeta En San Francisco (you can see a first draft here. At the time I posted it I didn’t think it would become a poem but asi es la vida.)

Menagerie is gonna work its way back into my readings.

Since Rich couldn’t be in the Bay, I decided to bring some of his special wepa-ness to the mix. Barbara also read a few of his pieces as well.

This reading also marks the first time I read out of my new self-produced chapbook “Anywhere Avenue” which you will be hearing more about shortly.


Achiote Seeds
from L to R: Jennifer Reimer, Craig Perez, Barbara Jane Reyes, Oscar Bermeo, Veronica Montes, Rebecca Mabanglo-Mayor & Todd Melicker

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