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For the uninitiated, I am a huge Star Trek: Deep Space 9 fanatic which is different from being a fan of ST:TNG or ST:TOS. Yes, I am speaking in Trek speak cuz either you are with me or not by this point in the post. And also by this point you either care or don’t care about how cool Avery Brooks’ portrayal of DS9’s Capt Benjamin Sisko as a culturally aware black man in space was. No worries, your loss.

“Understanding where I come from is something I have been fortunate to always know. I don’t mean specifically African-American or from where in the country I’m from, but who I am… from there, I’ve tried to use my work, as a teacher, or utilising art, as a means to engender conversation.”

– Avery Brooks

Big ups to Pop Culture Shock for the quote and the link

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  1. culturally? yo, let’s talk about black nationalist in space. for real.

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