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Romney Surrogate: ‘This is 1976’
Note to Jim Talent: The GOP lost in ’76.

Baltimore Sues Wells Fargo for Subprimes
Speaking of 1976, the above article brings up how the destruction of a neighborhood is no random accident.

Specifically, I am seeing this quote
“When you have foreclosures, the property values drop, and you get less tax revenue. There’s fire and police costs that come from abandoned and boarded-up and vacant properties…”
and all I can think is of “benign neglect” and how the Politicos were all set to turn the Bronx into a giant parking lot.

And what stopped them? The election of Jimmy Carter in 1976 and his subsequent visit to Charlotte Street.

In the immortal words of Grand Puba:

What goes around comes back around again…
S.O.S., is you wit me?

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