Pope in the Bronx (and NaPoWriMo#16)

Pope in the Bronx
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My sister sends me a phone-cam shot of Benedict XVI’s fly hooptie as it cruises down the boulevard of Yankee Stadium.

And so to mark this occasion, we take a break from the Palimpsest series and dedicate two poems, one by me and one by Jack Agüeros, to the Vicar of Christ and all the other interesting (read: ripe for poetic pickin’) language that comes with His Holiness. Thank you, White Jesus!

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Psalm for the Pope’s Five License Plate

I have suggestions for the Pope’s
Five license plates
for his Five Mercedes Limousines.

Big Guy.
Holy 1.
El Papa.

I know that’s only four,
but I’m withdrawing
Humble 1,

because it doesn’t seem to fit.

by Jack Agüeros
(from LORD, IS THIS A PSALM?, Hanging Loose Press 2002)

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