X-Post: Profile on Tony Brown

Great to see Tony Brown getting some good props thanks to the title of (Cue Thus Spoke Zarathustra musical intro) Poet Laureate of the Blogosphere (End music). For the record, Tony is the poet who got me into the habit of posting my set-lists and he is also the reason why I do as many cover poems as possible when I get a feature.

This advice didn’t come by way of grand proclamation (like when folks try to shove advice down your throat in a naggy sholl teacher voice that never seems to work on anybody, including school kids!) but came through example. Tony has good ideas, and he puts them into action. That’s the kind of poet and mentor he is, a practical man of words.

LIP: How far would you like to go with your poetry?

Tony Brown: Also an easy one. I’d like for at least one poem of mine to be remembered decades after I’m gone, even if no one recalls who wrote it.

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