X-Post: Pulitzer Center and Helium Global Issues/Citizen Voices Contest

Here is a follow up on the issues highlighted by Kwame Dawe’s poems in Hope: Living and Loving with HIV in Jamaica.

The Global Issues/Citizen Voices contest is a recurring online writing competition that asks your thoughts on some of today’s most pressing issues. Each contest round features questions (also known as “titles” on the Helium website) based on Pulitzer Center reporting projects, which cover global crisis issues that are misreported, underreported or not reported on at all. The questions are sure to provoke discussion – from “What role should the U.S. play in reducing the production of illicit drugs-such as cocaine and heroin-in places like Bolivia and Afghanistan?” to “How does stigma and discrimination, as witnessed in Jamaica, perpetuate the global HIV/AIDS epidemic?”

More information on the contest is here.

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