Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

I hate spoilers and try to avoid any kind of early word or leaked info about films or TV shows. And there might be no movie I am more interested in right now then Zack Snyder’s version of the Alan Moore/Dave Gibbons must-read Watchmen.

I just read it again for the third or fourth time and I am blown away by its density, there are so many characters in it and Moore fleshes each and every one of them out. Now I’m not talking about just the heroes and villains since it’s a no-brainer that they all get good back stories, I’m talking about the guy who owns the corner news stand and his customers who come by every morning to check if the world has blown up yet or if that will be covered by the afternoon edition. So much detail that I am only picking up now and I wonder how much more I’ll find in the next read.

This brings me to my big question about the movie version of Watchmen. And that question doesn’t revolve around how it can keep its retro four-color richness (300 proved that Snyder can handle the visuals), or about updating character outfits (Rorshach looks pretty damn good in this pic), or who is right to play which Minuteman/Crimebuster (if I knew the right answer to those details I would be a working script doctor in Hollywood). What I really want to know is how is Snyder going to fit this 12 piece comic epic into a Hollywood acceptable movie and not leave die hard fans (read: me) hungering for more?

I don’t know the answer but I am sure hoping that Snyder does know it and can keep the Graphic Novel/Film Blockbuster streak that the Dark Knight and Iron Man have added to going strong.

Non-Spoiler Fun Link: Fox Lawyers Watching Warner Bros., Watchmen

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