Acknowledgment: BorderSenses

Many thanks to Poetry Editor Sasha Pimentel Chacón and everyone at BorderSenses for including my work in the Summer 2008 issue.

From the Editor’s Note:

Manila-born Barbara Jane Reyes writes an answer to Ecuador-born husband Oscar Bermeo in two “We, Spoken Here” segments. Both Oakland writers balance their own careers with teaching and literary commitments.

Yeah, it’s great to be in the same publication space as Barb and it’s extra fitting the the “We” poems are the representative poems as Barb and I were both inspired by Nathaniel Mackey’s reading and talk at the DeYoung Museum.

Here is the official list of poets in BorderSenses Summer 2008:

This is all welcome news in the face of a big work schedule and the fact that I am behind on a lot of poetry projects. Time to get back to balancing those work and literary commitments.

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