I Speak of the City: Suheir Hammad

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jerusalem sunday


three muezzins call idan
where one’s allah begins another’s
akbar ends inviting the last
to witness mohammad’s prophecies

church bells ring the sky
an ocean shade of blue above
christ’s tomb and the stones
of this city witness man’s weakness

boys run by the torah
strapped to their third eye
ready to rock their prayers

the roofs of this city busy as the streets
the gods of this city crowded and proud

two blind and graying
arab men lead each other through
the old city surer of step than sight

tourists pick olives from the cracks
in the faces of young and graying
women selling mint onions and this
year’s oil slicking the ground

this city is wind
breathe it
this history is blood
swallow it
this sunday is holy
be it

© Suheir Hammad from the collection Zaatar Diva

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  1. Suheir’s new joint, BREAKING POEMS, is out on Cypher Books as well. The party is October 30th at the BPC.

    Speakin’ of the Ci-TAY!

  2. I saw Suheir read from the BREAKING POEMS at the VONA-Voices Faculty reading this past summer. Awesome work that reverberated with such force on the mic that you just know the printed word is just as dope. I already put in an order for the new book and hope to have a review ready in time for the book launch.

    Living for the City,

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