LitCrawl 2008: Videos and Pictures

Litquake, Clarion Alley
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The folks at LitQuake have managed to put together another fun, crazy, and eclectic series of pub events that is never perfect (rowdy crowds more interested in pubcrawlin than litcrawlin’, technical difficulties, venues never meant to host a reading) but perfect is not that the point. The point is to get that potential literary fan with some extra time on their hands, some extra cash in their ATM, and some desire to read more connected with a literary genre that will inspire them to patronize more lit events in the future.

I like it. And I’ve always enjoyed the challenge of getting that kind of person interested in contemporary poetics, even when that challenge involves dealing with far less than optimal conditions.

So for all of you who couldn’t come out, here are some pics of the events and then here is some video from the PAWA and the KSW readings. The vids are dark and grainy but I think the sound (from the readers and the hectic venues) comes out very well and that’s my main goal.

Speakin’ of goals, I hope to get in touch with some LitQuake folks about doing some Easy Bay events for next year and making damn sure that Oaktown is properly repped at next year’s LitCrawl.


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