Acknowledgment: CantoMundo 2010

Many thanks to all the folks over at CantoMundo for accepting me as a literary fellow for this year’s Master Workshops with Martín Espada and Demetria Martínez. I’m looking over the names of the other fellows (does that make me a “badge browser”?) and feel truly blessed to be included in this initial group of poets.

The fact that the workshops are going down in Albuquerque, home of the 2005 National Poetry Slam–one of the best poetic adventures of mah life, only makes things sweeter.

A’ight, CantoMundo, let’s make some beautiful poesia this summer!

Founding Philosophy

While CantoMundo envisions developing workshops specifically devoted to the craft of poetry, every aspect of the work, including discussions around aesthetic issues, will be firmly rooted in social concerns. This open acknowledgment of larger concerns honors the sociopolitical underpinnings of Latina/o poetry.

CantoMundo plans to build on the aesthetically, culturally, and linguistically diverse work of Latina/o poets, who have historically—and with limited economic resources—formed supportive literary spaces. This will be done by respecting Latina/o poetry’s stylistic and thematic diversity, while maintaining a vibrant, meaningful connection to a community-grounded readership.

CantoMundo 2010 Fellows

Gloria Amescua, Francisco Aragón, Diego Baez, Oscar Bermeo, Norma Cantu, Eduardo C. Corral, Cynthia Cruz, Barbara Brinson Curiel, Cristian Flores Garcia, Sheryl Luna, J. Michael Martínez, Pablo Miguel Martínez, Celeste Guzman Mendoza, Amalia Ortiz, Deborah Paredez, Emmy Perez, Luivette Resto, ire’ne silva, Carmen Tafolla, Liliana Valenzuela, and Lauro Vazquez.

More information about CantoMundo is here.

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