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Bestiary, Issue Two: Hip-Hop
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Many thanks to John Paul Davis and everyone at Bestiary Magazine for including “Pantoum for 1979” in Bestiary Two: Hip-Hop.

The lineup for this issue is all kinds of fly and the layout is clean. I’m loving the image of the circa 1970s graffed out NYC MTA train that accompanies my poem. Classic!

Bestiary is available for purchase at MagCloud with your choice of print and/or digital editions. For those looking for a deal, you get the digital version for FREE when you purchase the print version.

Bestiary, Issue Two: Hip-Hop
Hip-hop is music and culture, and it’s our relationships to those things. The poems and art here explore hip-hop as an celebrity culture, a musical history, a participatory sport, a cause for concern, a highlighter of racism, a transmitter of racism, and a source of hope.

Adrian Matejka
Anis Mojgani
Mahogany Browne
Tara Betts
Khary Jackson
F. Douglas Brown
Rob Sturma
Stevie Edwards
Kai Huang
Aaron Counts
Tim Stafford
Oscar Bermeo
Winnie Oliver
Billy Tuggle
Darrel Alejandro Holmes
Matt Gano
Dan Sullivan
Kevin Coval
Alison Weiss

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