Acknowledgment: The Acentos Review

Many thanks to poetry editor Raina Leon for including poems from my 2nd manuscript in the latest issue of The Acentos Review.

The poems included are from NaPoWriMo 2009 and it felt good to pull them off the shelf, read them with fresh eyes and revise them for Acentos. The poems are definitely a departure from the work in Anywhere Avenue as they have a more darker, serious tone dealing with an imagined mythos. Now that they’re out in the world, I will be definitely including them in future readings.


The Newness: The Acentos Review

The inaugural edition of the Acentos Review is live featuring the poetry of Ray Gonzalez, Sheila Maldonado, Rachel McKibbens, Christina Olivares, Jose Olivarez, Mundo Rivera and Griselda Suarez, and the visual art of Alexandra Cespedes.

Editors Raina León and Eliel Lucero have put together a beautiful journal from a variety of Latin@ artists that is a great extension of the Acentos reading series.

Palabra, Acentos Review. Palabra.