I Wanted to Write a Poem: The Autobiography of the Works of a Poet

I Wanted to Write a Poem: The Autobiography of the Works of a PoetI Wanted to Write a Poem: The Autobiography of the Works of a Poet
by William Carlos Williams

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Editor Edith Heal does a great job of capturing Williams’ honest reflections of his entire body of work from the beginning of his career up to the time of the interviews. Williams is open and honest and consistent on his desire to capture the American Idiom in both prose and verse.

Even more insightful are the commentaries from Florence Herman Williams, aka Flossie, the poet’s wife. An astute reader and honest voice, these interviews cement her role as the key collaborator behind all of Williams’ work.

A must read for any poet who is struggling to find the balance between working full time, fulfilling family obligations, and crafting a body of enduring work.

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Kanye West’s Thank You and You’re Welcome

Thank You And You're WelcomeThank You and You’re Welcome by Kanye West
My rating: 1 of 5 stars

Just the kind of book you’d expect from an author who “doesn’t read.” On the plus side, it is brief and direct especially the sections where Kanye speaks on his own arrogance and how he never censors himself. (Prophet!) On the down side, his mantras can be contradictory, one paging refuting the other but that’s Kanye for ya.

Gotta say, I am having way too much fun pulling this book out at parties and having people pick a random Kanyeism and see how they can apply it to their lives. Hence, the one star.

(Props, kudos and shoutouts to Sunny Vergara who lent me his signed copy of Kanye’s book so I could finally read this seminal text. You didn’t think I paid money for this, didja?)

I’ll leave the final word to a friend who I showed the book: “Is this a joke? C’mon, dude wears $2000 polo shirts with a platinum watch and that ridiculous fade while sayin’ ‘I’m real. I’m real!’ Please.”

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