Thank You and You’re Welcome: The Party Game

The rules are simple: Gather a group of friends, if some just happen to be award winning poets, oh so much the better; engage in discussion regarding all things literature and pop culture, a stretch but a good game should have some element of difficulty; and (here’s where the fun kicks in) have them open up to a random page in Kanye West Presents Thank You and You’re Welcome. While you never know what exact crossroad we are at in life, we can be sure Kanye can help us locate the profundity of our distress (last four words stolen from the Millennium episode, “Jose Chung’s Doomsday Defense“).  Finally, be sure to have camera in hand cuz after reading some of Mr West’s deeper prose–I can’t read all of the “Missing Bannister Theory” without a deep eye twitch overtaking me–your  friends may not come by your home again.  Good times!

Love your haters...

Kanye West’s Thank You and You’re Welcome

Thank You And You're WelcomeThank You and You’re Welcome by Kanye West
My rating: 1 of 5 stars

Just the kind of book you’d expect from an author who “doesn’t read.” On the plus side, it is brief and direct especially the sections where Kanye speaks on his own arrogance and how he never censors himself. (Prophet!) On the down side, his mantras can be contradictory, one paging refuting the other but that’s Kanye for ya.

Gotta say, I am having way too much fun pulling this book out at parties and having people pick a random Kanyeism and see how they can apply it to their lives. Hence, the one star.

(Props, kudos and shoutouts to Sunny Vergara who lent me his signed copy of Kanye’s book so I could finally read this seminal text. You didn’t think I paid money for this, didja?)

I’ll leave the final word to a friend who I showed the book: “Is this a joke? C’mon, dude wears $2000 polo shirts with a platinum watch and that ridiculous fade while sayin’ ‘I’m real. I’m real!’ Please.”

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