Acknowledgment: phati’tude Literary Magazine

I’m finishing up the last details of my new chapbook (some folks who have supported me through the years already have early draft copies) and I am happy to report that one poem from this new collection has already found a home in an outside publication: phati’tude Literary Magazine.

I remember hearing about phati’tude back in my early years of NYC open mics.  Even before I was ready to submit my work to publication, I knew I wanted to be in this kind of magazine—one not only open to all kinds of poetries but also one looking to highlight voices who have chosen to stay close to their poetic constituencies like Pedro Pietri and Louis Reyes Rivera.  Early heroes of mine who I was happy to see in print.

When the call for submissions to the relaunch issue came out, I was all over it.  On a real personal note, I like submitting to publications with cool names.  For reals, people, isn’t it cooler to be in phati’tude than to be in, say, Double Loop Farm Review.  (Pause, Oscar double checks through Google that there is no Double Loop Farm Review. Searching, searching… Ok, we’re in the clear.)

So many thanks to Gabrielle David and all the editors at phati’tude for including “Make Me A City” in their new issue.  It’s a poem I’m super proud of and now it is in some dope literary company.  You can peek a PDF preview here of the issue and if ya like what ya see then you should cop a copy now.  Especially if you are a fan of diverse literature.  phati’tude, like many other publications, faces a tough time to keep putting out their projects.  You can help by buying the issue or making a donation. Word.

More from Ms David:

We’re prepared to go forward because we’re dedicated to providing poets, writers and artists the best possible platform to showcase their works to the general public. But we need your help to continue, especially in light of funding cuts from the city and state. We need you to help us help you! So please, donate whatever you can — $5, $10 — to help keep “our thing” going at

And more from phati’tude: