the universe has an awful sense of humor- on the same date as the infamous triangle fire (check out nina’s post), the bronx also remembers the fire at the happy land social club.

a forgotten tragedy as far as slam poetry is concerned. other than the great job jack agueros did in his crown of sonnets, i never hear anything about this.

you dont hear about eleanor bumpers when it comes to police brutality but you should. i grew up in the same building and went through her fourth floor apartment about a week after. not too pay homage or reflect, i was just a kid rummaging through an empty apartment.

anthony baez is also another footnote in police brutality. maybe the fact that this cop actually did time, not real time but at least some, makes it different.

it would be safe to assume that this wont be the last great tragedy in the bx but lets just not let it go forgotten just cuz it cant fit into the standard slam poem, aight?

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