hot off the BNN (bonchiche news network)!

my sister is getting married. yes, jc will soon be a MRS and i am fuckin’ ecstatic. here is the cosmic kicker– her wedding date is august 6th. the weekend of nationals.

guess it’s a good thing i am no longer slammaster cuz it would’ve been a real juggling act to get both things done. now, it’s a pretty simple choice- bye bye saint louie. early this week i was debating whether or not i was gonna go at all.
2002, i was a simple happy rookie.
2003, doing the SM things.
2004, … could i have gone as just a simple poet observer? yeah, i dont need titles of being associated with a team to get by anymore and my association with louderarts is pretty deeply ingrained at this point.

well, all that is up for speculation now as i’ve been looking for some more balance as of late and letting the pendulum swing towards the non.poetry side of things. getting back in touch with that group of people that dont give a hit whether i wrote a good poem last week or not.

speaking of the poetry front…
louder than words- a great debut and the fact that so many people have so many opinions as to how to “improve” it attests to the potential the new show has. personally, i would not be so quick to implement too many changes at once. better to find loosen a screw here and there. i’ve already sent guy my thought on the one gear that he could play around with but it all depends on what guy really wants to do with this bad boy in the end.
bottom line- it was well worth the $6 bucks and the drinks i had at the bar and saturday should be just as much fun.

the great, great poetry debate- while guy is busy rustling feathers, here is some questions about poetry (courtesy of raina leon) that you may want to chew on for a bit. if you are really moved by the politics of poetry and really want to take a hard line stance (as opposed to just yelling shit from the sidelines) you can send your answers back to her at

What are the origins of poetry or where did poetry come from?

Who invented poetry?

What do poems have to be about?

What does a poem have to have to be a poem?

How do you interpret and understand a poem?

What are all the kinds of poetry?

Does poetry always express someone's feelings?

Do you have to know your vocabulary to be able to write poetry?

Does poetry always have to rhyme?

How do you make a poem rhyme?

How do you make a poem rhyme and still have it make sense?

Does all poetry make sense?

How do you know what is a good line?

Is it hard to write a good poem?

How do you write a poem?

Can poetry be written without stanzas?

How do I make a girl like me with poetry?

What is the true meaning of poetry?

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