lats night was registration for nationals. the 2003 night of registration ended up being crazy drama as PSi’s first experience with online registration led to all the open slots for chicago getting filled up in a matter of days. previously, with in.person and snail mail registration, the process of filling up nats took weeks. the drama came down when many “established” venues were left in the dust and had to give way to the newer squads to come to the bg game.

the point isn’t the points/the point is getting there. some folks flipped, others stayed cool on the public side of things but there was many an unhappy poetry camper. rumors of “another nationals” started to make the rounds and it looked like civil war was about to hit. PSi bent over backwards and scrapped the tournament set-up that was universally praised as effective (as universal as the slam family could get) and went witrh a whole different structure to allow more teams to come.

in the end, everything worked out. more teams got to go to nats. PSi made more money on registration. the fear that the new tourney point system would freeze out teamsn that never lost didnt come to pass. in fact, the opposit happened- a ton of teams that won the first night met again the second- leading to undefeateds meeting for all the marbles. (the last few sentences only appeal to the most die hard of slam geeks)

proving that you don’t have to create drama to make drama.


hung out with my boy eric the other day. hes recovering from some hernia surgery and asked me to help him with some slightly heavy house errands. hangin with eric is always fun as i bore him to death with conspiracy theories and talk of poetry and he rebutts with sports stories and letting me know all about the simple domestic existence i fool myself into thinking i want. i know i want the kid but i am FAR from ready to handle the give and take of being with a woman strong enough to keep a household together and put up with my shit.

the funny part to this is that most of my longer lasting relationships have involved women with children. one of the sad realities of todays dating. luckliy, i always loved the kids and developed some prtty good bonds with them.

i already spoke about frankie but you can also add ricky, jamie (the original “little.j”), priscilla, brianna and analise (who really really looks like me- scary!) one of the worst things ever said to me was when one baby.daddy flipped out when he found out his daughter was actually having fun and going out on weekends to the city and shit-

“tell him to get his own family”

baby.mama reported this to me straight faced and when i asked her what she said in defense she said nothing. which always made me leery about makin babies and lettin other guys possibly raise them. more than anything, i dont want to bully someone with the irefutable fact that the kid is mine and they got no rights. which i s what happened to me… a lot.

a few years back, i swore i would not get into a serious relationship with any single moms. the experience was becoming to draining and the goodbye to the kids (who were true innocents) was just killin me.

today, who knows? i’ve grown a lot more and might be up to making sacrifices and getting better balance. for sure though, i still want to have kids.

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