nps 2005: end day four

the slammasters meeting sets off the day. i was under no obligation to attend but my curiosity got the better of me. a well run meeting with only a select few going into “slam mode” the whole slam mode thing is the true pain in the ass
‘i am here


to speak

of a grave



injustice. perpertrated not only to my person

but to the ENTIRE slam… fam/ily’

ten! ten! ten!

after the sm meeting i was off to the womens showcase more to get a good seat and an early jump at the latino showcase but i was happy to hear some dope pieces from the ladies of the community.

latino showcase aka acentos takeover! myself, raina, nina, maria, jess, eliel, ed, rich and fish hosting. ah yeah. a real highlight of the trip. i tried to write some new hotness before hand but it wasnt meant to be and i went with ‘Sorta Rican’
“is ecuador in the house?”
(cricket, cricket, cricket) LOL

adventures in navigation followed as i chilled with the vegatarian crew in a failed attempt to find a vegan type spot. no such luck but we still had good times as my hateration level went through the roof!

semi-finals night. the winner of this baby goes to finals, the rest are done. louderarts has to go up against team albuquerque (again!) as well as oakland, hawaii and del rey beach. fish was able to sneak some of us in and we were able to have a strong united louder-presence. i was afraid that we would be TOO large an entourage but we were in ‘burque and the home field advantage didnt hurt. bottom line- louder came in second to albuquerque. the slam gods giveth and taketh away.

the indy semi finals was right down the street from the hotel but there was a line and a half. i didnt feel like being on the cheese line so back to the hotel room for pizza and tequilla. yes, i did have a sip. this time around the bulk of the talk revolved around copyright & genetic engineering. we watched some Def Poetry Jam and fell asleep. ah, irony can be so ironic.

love ya like the mountains love ‘burque

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