nps 2005: end day three

its 3am friday morning and familia acentas just left our room. today started with an early morning poetry reading/q&a at a local high school. gettin there was like 40 days in the desert, a true test of my faith. the drivers had zero navigation skills and i came precariously close to taking the wheel myself. we arrived late but we arrived. the we included laura ej moran (one of my favorite poets) and cali’s own anthony miller and kat sanford. long story short: we kicked ass.

back to the hotel and a costume change then off to the rules & protest committee meeting. (yes, guy, im on the protest committee. guy, stop shaking your head. thanks.) the meeting went mad long and as a resut, i missed out on a trip to santa fe. i cant go into details just yet but im glad i stuck around.

bummed through the city, back to the hotel for an ice cold bath to help out my joints. second costume change for my first ever nats bout hosting duties. the venue was small and hot as hell plus i messed up one poets intro and a couple of other nervous errors but the bout finished on time with a ton of compliments afterwards. yay!

off to the louderarts bout which was off the hook as familia acentos scores front row seats. louder won by a nice margin which has them going into semis as the #2 ranked team.

back to the protest committee and then fun with the crew as we crack on each other, drink (i had coke cola) and talk about childhood beatings.

great day and tomorrow may just be a lil better with the latino showcase. werd.

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