X-Post: Martín Espada & Anne Fadiman on Barack Obama

Born 2 Lead – Obama
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“He has a rather lyrical quality, which in turn motivates people … persuades people that all is not lost,” Espada said. “The greatest enemy of democracy is hopelessness.

Obama’s skill and authenticity as a writer and orator are also important, Fadiman said. “He uses the English language so beautifully. Although I’m not sure that’s a prerequisite for a president, it’s certainly a plus.”

Both authors will be speaking and donating signed copies of their books at the “Writers for Obama” fundraiser in Amherst, MA, on September 21st.

Full article, more quuotes, and details on the fundraiser can be found at the Amherst Bulletin (Inspired by Obama, area writers step up, speak out).

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