Acknowledgment: Poets and Artists (O&S, 2.6)

Many thanks to Didi Menendez for including my poetry in the Self-Portrait issue of the latest Poets and Artists.

I submitted “A Bodega on Anywhere Avenue” because it shows how I view myself in the line of Nuyorican Poetry, as an outsider following in the large footsteps of some legendary literary figures who in the final analysis are just street poets.  Elders on the corner reciting poetry to be heard and spread in the same way their maestro, Jorge Brandon, did it.  I’m hoping that’s the way I’m doing it, too.

Also in this issue, look out for poems by Barbara Jane Reyes, Marie Elizabeth-Mali, Denise Duhamel, among some other amazing writers and artists.

The print version will be available soon but for now you can view it at or browse through the embedded image below.

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