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With all the work I’ve been doing this last month, I’m really surprised I got any reading done at all.  And, much to my personal surprise, I got some first drafts done, read twice, attended a good number of readings, wrote an online review, scored more reading material at SPD’s Buck-a-Book sale, and re-enrolled into a new poetry class to continue the path to getting a degree in Creative Writing.

Did anything suffer in the process?  Oh yeah, I blew the deadline for a poetry contest I’ve had my eye on for a minute.   Oh well, that’s the way the ball bounces, gee.

The good news is that my September is already looking much better as evidence by the newly redesigned website you’re reading right now.  I’ve been wanting to consolidate my blog and personal website for a long minute but was desperately trying to do it while being able to hold on to my Blogger URL.  I won’t bore you with the techno-babble but will advise any aspiring author who wants to establish a stylish, informative and easy-to-layout web presence to go visit DreamHost and sign up for one of their cool low-cost web hosting plans.  End endorsement.

So we are talking about reading and here are the books that helped me stay sane through my last month:

The biggest surprise being my dissatisfaction with the Spanish translation of Where the Wild Things Are.  Man, you’d think there’d be a better way to announce the commencement of “the wild rumpus” in Spanish but I guess there really isn’t.

In the No Surprise category: Darwish’s book was the true bomb and I ended up reading it twice in one afternoon.  Good stuff.

Ok, back to work (9-5, home maintenance, web maintenance, college, taking-over-the-world) and more poems.  Word.

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