Review: Luis H. Valadez, what i’m on (University of Arizona Press, 2009)

My review of Luis H. Valadez’s what i’m on is live at the Latin American Review of Books.

Valadez’s speaker continues to wrestle between the details of his life against the decisions forced upon him. The modern urban environment is filled with similar stories but Valadez’s poems rise above these common tropes with bold leaps into experimental and fractured narratives that look to bring together the disparate pieces of the speaker to help him reach a new path.

Complete review is here.

Many thanks to Latin America Review of Books editor Gavin O’Toole (who also has a review of Juan Felipe Herrera’s Half the World in Light in this issue) and Francisco Aragón (who reviews Poema by Maurice Kilwein Guevara) for the opportunity to share my thoughts on a book of poetry folks should be reading.

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