Audio: CantoMundo 2011 Fellows Reading

CantoMundo 2011

Many thanks to Brenda Nettles Riojas of Corazón Bilingüe for this awesome clip of the CantoMundo 2011 Fellows Reading.

It was a real pleasure co-hosting this event with Amalia Ortiz and presenting the diverse work of all our fellow poetas to a packed house at the Emma S. Barrientos Mexican American Cultural Center in Austin. Looking forward to hearing the next part of the clip with the rest of the fellows.

For those keeping score at home, you can hear me read “Barry Bonds on the Witness Stand” at the 10:43 mark quickly followed up by Diego Báez doing a cover of my poem, “I’m Jus Askin.”

Photo Credit: The Center for Mexican American Studies

The Blood-Jet Writing Hour featuring Oscar Bermeo

The Blood-Jet Writing HourI’m honored to be featuring next Tuesday on the Blood-Jet Writing Hour with host, Rachelle Cruz. Rachelle has done an incredible job of curating and has highlighted some of my most favorite poets. Again, I return to feeling blessed and being so grateful for the chance to share my work with a broad audience. I’ve been in this game for almost ten years and I know for a fact that if I had told my 2001 self all this would happen, he’d laugh his ass off and shake his head in disbelief. Nuff talk, here are the details and I hope you can spread the word.

Episode #60: Oscar Bermeo on Tuesday, April 19th @ 11 am PST / 2 pm EST

Join Rachelle Cruz as she talks with Oscar Bermeo, author of To the Break of Dawn on Tuesday, April 19th at 11 am PST / 2 pm EST. Tune in through Blog Talk Radio.

Keep updated on The Blood-Jet Writing Hour through their blog and Facebook page.

While my JVC vibrates the concrete

Mic to the mic
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What is the sound track of To the Break of Dawn?

Find out this Sunday, March 6th, when I feature on the Learnin’ Kirven Show as part of KWMR’s Rhythm & Muse series. We will discuss my chapbooks, the writing process, play music, explore the origins of hip-hop, and you’ll call in with your questions and comments at 415- 663-8492 or 415-663-8317.

Tune to 90.5 fm in the North Bay or Stream on from 4 to 6PM Pacific Time.

X-Post: Juan Felipe Herrera interview on Progressive Radio

The Progressive: How do you encourage people… “to make a quake a victory,” as you put it?

Juan Felipe Herrera: To speak their truth. To speak their truth and to assist others in speaking their truth.

TP: And how should people go about that?

JFH: To say what they really believe, and what they really feel, and when they see or witness something unjust–to speak up and act on it.

TP: And how to overcome the risk that’s entailed when doing that?

JFH: How to overcome the risk? Is to work with others, and create a support system, and to organize.

X-Post: Martín Espada interview

Matthew Rothschild, editor of The Progressive magazine, interviews Martín Espada.

Writing a poem, particularly a political poem, is ultimately an act of faith. You write the poem, you put it in the air, it becomes part of the environment, part of what we breath in collectively, and you hope then that it makes some difference to somebody.

A professor of mine at the University of Wisconsin, Herbert Hill, used to say, “Ideas have consequences. Ideas have consequences.” And I really believe that, especially with poetry.

– Martín Espada